From top left: Ashley Martin, Chyenne Buck, Tracy Peddicord, Brandi Speck, Lauren Hill - From bottom left: Maggie Chism, Brad Amos, Becky Foutch

From top left: Ashley Martin, Chyenne Buck, Tracy Peddicord, Brandi Speck, Lauren Hill - From bottom left: Maggie Chism, Brad Amos, Becky Foutch


Family Fun Day

FREE event exclusive to Kentucky families having children born with Congenital Heart Defects! 

Games, inflatables, food, crafts plus a fun time mingling with other Kentucky CHD families!  Come meet our friends from resources such as:

  • The Center for Courageous Kids

  • The Dream Factory

  • Icing Smiles

  • Associates in Pediatric Therapy

  • Kentucky Children's Hospital Congenital Heart Clinic

  • KY First Steps

  • Plus many more!

2019 date coming soon!

Family Weekend Retreat

At Kerrington's Heart it is our mission to provide Kentucky CHD children with the opportunity to have normal childhood experiences, such as camp! We have partnered with The Center for Courageous Kids to offer 30 Kentucky CHD families the opportunity to provide the normal camp experience in a medically safe environment....FREE OF CHARGE!   Activities include: bowling, fishing, archery, cooking, salon, crafts, music, woodworking, horseback riding, boating, and swimming!  Since our event is always in October the kids also get to TRICK OR TREAT on the grounds!  

Check out our events page for date and time.

Camp Highlights

Moms Connect Meetings


We at Kerrington’s Heart are dedicated not only to the health and wellbeing of children with CHD’s, but also to that of their caregivers.   Not to negate our wonderful Dad’s and all of their help, but as most Mom’s will tell you, the majority of the daily care giving comes from them.  As we took that into consideration an idea was formed that has turned into a wonderful quarterly event known as “The Heart to Heart Mom’s Meeting.”  They are designed especially for our CHD Mom’s and offer a guest speaker, food, fellowship, crafts and lots of laughs. 

We believe it’s essential that our Mom’s find time for themselves, as well as a time and place to feel safe and make connections with other Mom’s going through the same journey as they are.  So many times during those midnight hours of worry and anxiety we feel completely alone and like no one else understands, however, there are hundreds of CHD Mom’s struggling with those same thoughts and insecurities. 

The Heart to Heart meetings create an environment of common ground and understanding that we all have children with a disease that bonds us together in unity and love.  You can be yourself, air your concerns, ask the hard questions and get reassurance that you’re never alone from women who have formed devoted and lasting friendships.  

We have dedicated this time just for Moms. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide childcare due to the health risks of some children.  

We hope you will still join us, as this time is set aside in order to celebrate you as a heart Mom and all the hard work that goes into being so great at what you do! Hope to see you there!  Please find below the dates, times and location of the upcoming Heart to Heart Mom’s meetings.

As a heart mom sometimes it’s the difficult to relate to “regular moms”. I’m so thankful I’ve found a group of women that I can relate to. I always leave our mom’s meetings feeling inspired, understood, and thankful for friends I never knew I needed. I couldn’t make it on this journey without these women.
— Britney

“It’s a time to reconnect, recharge, and remind ourselves of the power laughter has over tears.”

- Ashley


“I love the meetings. They have given me a chance to meet other Heart Mom's who have been where I am and a chance to meet others just starting their CHD journey. It's always a good time!”

- Pamela


“It’s a great time to connect with moms who understand this life.”


Kerrington’s Heart reminded me that I wasn’t alone in my greatest time of need and has continued to remind me throughout my daughters journey with CHD.
— Becca

Check out our events page for date and time.

Cookies with Santa

This is a FREE event exclusive to Kentucky CHD families. 

Come out for a day of fun, cookies, crafts, movie and SANTA!! This event is particularly special due to the fact that we strive to provide a CHD environment for all the children. Many of the CHD kids wouldn't have the opportunity to meet Santa or be photographed with him due to the abundance of community germs at other Santa events.

We want to see all our families. If anyone in your home isn't well, please keep in mind there will be immunocompromised kids present! Check out our events page for date and time.