Dear new heart mom.

Dear new heart mom,

It was a little less than two years ago that I was handed a Kerrington’s Heart application. I was a frayed mess of a person, trying to hold it together as we relocated to Cincinnati for the birth of our first child. I was worried about so many things. How we would make it financially? Where we would stay for that long? Would my baby even live? What was I even supposed to pack for an indefinitely long stay in the hospital an hour and a half away?

We sent in our application to Kerrington’s Heart as an afterthought. We had never heard of them, and our clinic social worker just told us they could “help.” We put the application in the mail on our way to relocate to Cincinnati. It was one of the best decisions we have ever made. I can’t believe now that such a life changing choice was an afterthought.

When the first board member reached out to us, and explained how they could help, all the ways that they would be there for us, I hung up the phone and sobbed. Who were these people, and how could they care this much for people they had never met? From that point on, all of the rest of the days on this CHD journey, we have never walked alone.

I say all this to tell you, new heart mom, that you do not have to be alone. You are NOT alone. We may not know your name yet, or your child’s diagnosis, but we have felt your pain. We have been where you stand. We have cried those same tears of fear, and hope, and wonder late at night, both dreading for and longing for the day that our baby is finally born and we get some answers. We are here for you, because one day not that long ago another mom was there for us.  We are a family made out of necessity, because you can’t survive this journey without people who understand.

We are your family, even if we don’t know your name yet. We are here for you.


A fellow heart mom.