Fundraiser Request Form

All toy or other fundraising initiatives must be approved by Kerrington's Heart, Inc. Board of Directors before organizations, groups or individuals announce, publicize or stage these activities.

We reserve the right to approve only those events that represent Kerrington's Heart, Inc. appropriately. We reserve the right to review and request additional information before acting on a proposal. If circumstances warrant, Kerrington's Heart, Inc. may choose to opt out as a beneficiary of a fundraiser at any time with no obligation.

Kerrington's Heart, Inc. cannot assume any liability for an event conducted on its behalf.

To organize your own fundraiser, please:

  1. Download and read the Use of Kerrington's Heart Name and Logo Guidelines.

  2. Fill out the form below. This information will allow Kerrington's Heart, Inc Board of Directors to review your proposed fundraiser and approve your plan in advance.


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Address of Proposed Fundraiser
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